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Female Viagra.

Lady Viagra is a brand-new means of approaching the trouble of women impotence. It has actually been created to offer intense sexual contentment for ladies. Girl Viagra is generated and marketed by the exact same company as the typical Viagra for mens, and has the very same active component - sildenafil. It has actually been uncovered that this specific ingredient in mix with various other compounds has the same exciting results on ladies as it does on mens, for that reason increasing the libido and making the female's sex life more diverse.

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This drug is FDA pregnancy category C, indicating that it could create injury to an unborn infant. Make sure you notify your physician concerning that if you are pregnant or might come to be expectant while taking Female Viagra. It is not known without a doubt whether sildenafil enters bust milk. If you are nursing, do not take Female Viagra. Prior to this drug is prescribed your medical professional will carry out a full evaluation of your health condition to make certain there are no contraindications in your situation. Girl Viagra has to be taken as prescribed by your doctor without going beyond the dose advised. Taking a dual dosage will certainly not make the medication more effective.

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